How to talk to our parrot!

Upon arrival of a parrot to our home is a very important animal in life change. Happens to become a family, fits the routine of our home, meet the family members, and is not afraid of our presence. We’ve located a cage large, square, easy cleaning, away from drafts, and you can see us as long as possible.


During the early days, we’ll doing some basic exercises to get your trust, as feeding of your hand, stroke his head, and make it up to our hand. From the moment that our parrot is able to ride without fear of our power, confidence will be growing. Every time we get out to our pet cage, monitor that no door or window open you can escape, and will run the curtains, so that the animal does not believe that the window is open, and you can hit in midair against crystal. Continue reading

The horse, a noble animal companion

There is no greater perfection in nature than that which can be seen in the movements of a horse running across the prairie. Ni no greater sense of freedom than that which is experienced when galloping on the back of this noble animal

The horse

If you want to not only have the image of freedom, but the freedom to see, look at a horse galloping across the prairie with his mane in the wind, that freedom is transferred to man when galloping together. It is very noble and loyal to his caregiver, which makes it a very special pet. They form more than a duo; horse and rider form a whole. Continue reading

The American Cocker Spaniel

This breed of dog is very playful, active, fun and enjoyable. It’s quiet and not used to bark a lot. It is sociable, outgoing and willing to endure the games of children. Like all Spaniels, American Cocker is a bit stubborn.

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a sturdy, compact body and strong, muscular legs. The ears, long and implanted at eye level, well fitted fringe. The tail follows the straight line of the back and get used to cutting. Continue reading

Poisoning on Pets

Intoxication or poisoning can be a serious problem and become fatal. Our pets get intoxicated by curiosity than by nature they have, much more when they are puppies. As pet owners, we need to ensure not to leave pulled anywhere, those products that may hurt them.

Pet Poisoning

Poisoning is urgent and require immediate veterinary visit. Usually it is caused by the ingestion of unsuitable products from our pets that cause a serious reaction in the body of the animal to be addressed immediately as it can cause serious damage to its body and even death. Continue reading

The Parrot Argentina

This small bird is considered the best-known parakeet from South America. The Parrot Argentina, tasting or monk Parakeet, form large flocks and colonies of nesting, being considered a very sociable and highly gregarious bird. It is considered a peaceful and loving bird, to which is always presented as a great talker and easy to tame.

Parrot Argentina

These birds are characterized by peaceful and sympathetic addition to robust and easy to care for. This parrot is considered affectionate and a great talker, but is quite noisy and destructive bird, so we must be very careful with both the materials of construction of the housing and with the various objects that decorate the house if left free. Continue reading

The Food of Fish

A healthy diet is essential to enjoy a lively fish and colors bright. If one offers food such as bread, leftovers, or otherwise, shall be consumed immediately. However, such foods cause serious nutritional deficiencies, and also exceedingly dirty water aquarium.

Fish Food

It is important to provide them with one food balanced and formulated for cold water fish first mark. The food supplied Premium an ideal blend of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, protein, fiber, and minerals and above all they are 100% digestible. Continue reading

Homemade Dog Food

Many owners of dogs like to prepare their own foods and really do it with quality and care. The natural foods prepared according to the recommendations of specialists have great advantages in the feeding of our pets.

Homemade dog food

To make a balanced meal should put 50% carbohydrates (rice, cornmeal, pasta or potatoes), 30% of meat (may contain fat) and 20% fiber (pumpkin, zucchini, carrot or apple). Continue reading

The Yellow-crested Cockatoo

The world of birds is wonderful, there can find many that are distinguished by several aspects, the color of their plumage, their singing and many that we use to take home as a pet. Today they speak of bow Cockatoo Yellow Cockatoo or Galerita.

Yellow-crested Cockatoo

You can consider the cockatoo yellow bow as a large parrot species, as usually measured, typically 38 to 51 centimeters, while her weight revolves around 800-950 grams. The physical characteristic principal of this bird is the crest or topknot, i.e., the long feathers, yellow, erectile and curving front they have in their heads. Continue reading

The Harrier Dog Breed

The Harrier was born in the south of England, being originally from the great hounds.

Harrier dog

It is a dog that is strong and lightweight; it has an elongated head with a square snout, a truffle black and well developed. The eyes, medium and oval, usually dark colored. The ears are short, almost flat and V-shaped, are inserted are brought high but drooping. Continue reading

Care for the Belgian Shepherd Dog

The breed suffers from certain diseases that are related to reproductive issues, Musculoskeletal and skin problems. The difference of the Belgian Shepherd with other breeds of dogs is this prone to suffer from epilepsy, therefore is should exercise care in regards to checkups and treatments in prevention of the disease.

Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Belgian Shepherd can also be affected by allergies to vaccines and anesthetics. For this breed of dog is essential exercise and training. Their life expectancy is 12 years. Continue reading