Choosing the best collar for your dog

Dog collars are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, but choosing the best collar for your dog can be a problem, there are certain factors must be taken into account, as the dog’s size, temperament and mode training. For most dogs, the collar of nylon or leather collar serve, however, choosing the right dog collar for stubborn or strong pet is not easy. Read below and learn what features should have your dog’s collar.

Head collars

It is a necklace of proper training, which works by pressing gently on the muzzle and the dog’s neck. Thus, whenever the dog tries to pull or behave aggressively, you will feel the pressure in the mouth. When used correctly, head collars can help in the proper training and correcting problems dog behavior (if any).

Collars Halter type

Dog collars are best options halter to have full control over your dog. It is more or less similar to a halter for horses that goes around the back of the head. When you pull the leash slightly, it will give direct pressure to the head, which helps to lay control over your dog during training or taking a walk.

Chain Necklaces

These collars or choke chain, is used for training aggressive dogs. Contrary to full-time traction slip collars sit high chain neck and involve a fast tug and release method, which tightens around the dog as he keeps pulling. Before using this, make sure you understand the guidelines properly. To be precise, use this collar when your dog does not behave well with regular traditional collars.

Spiked collars

These collars are easy to use and a good choice, compared to the previous necklaces. Unlike choke chains, necklaces tips are configured such that the dog tightened somewhat. With teeth around the neck (behind the ears), applying heavy pressure can cause lesions on the skin of the dog. Therefore, correctly understand the manual before using.

Harnesses for dogs

A dog harness is actually more of a necklace, in which the strap is connected to the portion of the rib cage and chest. With this option, the dog chokes when trying out for a walk. Many dog ​​owners prefer walking harness for dogs rather than using a collar, especially if their pets tend to pull while being outdoors.

dairy cows

Feeds for dairy cows


The classification is not as important as knowing which foods are available, their nutritional value and the factors affecting their use in a serving. Depending on the stage of lactation may contribute almost 100% (in non-lactating cows) at least 30% (by cows in early lactation) of dry substance in the ration. The general individuality of forages is:

  • Volume: The volume limits how much a cow can eat. Energy intake and milk production may be limited if there is too much forage in the ration. However, bulky foods are essential to rouse rumination and uphold the health of the cow.

dairy cows

  • High fiber and low energy: Forages may hold from 30 to 90% fiber (neutral detergent fiber). In general, higher in fiber, lower energy content of the forage. Continue reading

Osteoarthritis in Dogs: How to improve their quality of life?

The difficulties of mobility, such as lameness, are themselves symptoms of a dog suffering from osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. But certain patterns can be achieved to improve the welfare and quality of life can. Here’s what dog arthritis, signs of the disease, its treatment and five tips for improving the quality of life of a dog with this condition.

Osteoarthritis in Dogs

What is osteoarthritis in dogs?

The Canine Osteoarthritis is a joint disease of progressive (symptoms worsen over time), degenerative and may be congenital. This condition causes the loss of cartilage structure, responsible for joint mobility. As with people, the discomfort and symptoms resulting from dog arthritis aggravated by cold and humidity and summer heat. Therefore, with extreme temperatures, the animal’s condition worsens suffering from osteoarthritis. Continue reading

Vaccinations in Cats

Annual vaccines are one of the tools most important to prevent the disease in cats. Vaccines are not for all cats, choosing vaccines that every cat should receive depends on many.



• Feline panleukopenia: a disease very contagious and a high mortality rate. The virus that causes it is very resistant and survives in the environment for many months despite the extreme cold or heat and the use of disinfectants. Thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccine, this disease has become rare today, but it is recommended to continue vaccinating their severity and permanence of the virus in the environment. Continue reading

Dog toys with plastic bottles

The dogs need to play and also enjoy new toys with some regularity. Dolls for dogs unpublished stimulate their intelligence and also you will happy. Therefore, the homemade dog toys plastic bottles are a fun alternative that also does not state that money is spent to produce them. Any ideas?: make a toy dog with a plastic bottle inside a sock, creating a stimulating prize dispenser or transform an old bear in a great canine doll very sound.


Dog toys with plastic bottles!

Dogs need and enjoy with the new toys. However, achieving this is not always necessary to invest money: the dolls for dogs can be made at home, easily and with very good results. But before we get to work, should consider some precautions. “The production of homemade pet toys need to consider some important things like the personality of the animal and the materials we use”, says veterinary Gabriela Galvan. Continue reading

How to avoid the dog leg burn in the summer?

The summer heat overheats and cement sidewalks of the city, a situation that is problematic for urbanites dogs because their pads can burn, burn wounds and suffering. But what do you do to avoid this danger and protect paws can? Five tricks help to prevent burns on the pads of the dog during walks in the city: alternate path with gardens, wet their feet, use booties, apply creams and protective canine wounds heal when they appear.


City cement burning the paws of dogs

The high summer temperatures cause the pavements and sidewalks of the city reach very high temperatures, and even burn. This situation is very problematic for dogs, especially for urbanites canes. Continue reading

How long can your dog be alone?

Having dogs has caused me great satisfaction by the unconditional love I received from them. However, it also involves work, responsibilities and inconveniences. One is left alone; it can become a problem if we do not take certain precautions.


It is the same puppy that adult

One of the factors to determine how long they can be alone has to do with power, and varies if it’s a puppy or an adult. The first should eat up to four times a day, so the most you could remain unattended is six hours, while an adult may eat only once and be up to 24 hours for your account. Continue reading

10 reasons to love your dog more than people

It’s hard to imagine a world without dogs, and sometimes, I really think that they represent the divine in this planet. The apparent lack of reasoning may be the ideal for quality makes this world a better place and here are several reasons that could corroborate this theory.


The reasons

1. Your pet always gives you unconditional love, no matter what happens. Upon returning from a hard day’s work, you can have that doggy hug that will make you forget any concerns. Continue reading

Fungi in Cats

You have a cat as a pet at home obliges us to take care of their health primarily, so we set certain visits to the veterinarian to exercise the necessary controls and keep it healthy. Fungi in Cats is a disease which regularly requires good prevention and treatment, so that our cat does not suffer or have unnecessary inconvenience.


The fungus Cats are a very common disease in the skin in pets. There are many types of diseases in the skin of our cats and each one needs a treatment proper and adequate. There are various fungi that can affect the cat, but the most common is Microsporum canis. There are also the Microsporum gypseum, Candida albicans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, etc.. Continue reading

Solidarity Gifts that change the lives of homeless cats

Pens with kittens’ stuffed shirts with cats drawn caricatures with our dog or cat and even sympathetic bookmarks felt that “devour” the book that we enjoyed at the time. The solidarity gifts help the cats’ welfare groups to continue their important work. This article explains how to work with purchasing these simple gifts-gifts that can change the lives of the cats seeking a permanent home. Also it includes ten ideas, simple and inexpensive with which to cooperate.

homeless cats

The solidarity gifts help protective associations of cats and dogs to continue their important work. This explains why most of them count with world shops, a major source of continuing his work in defense of the helpless animals’ revenues. Continue reading