How to feed nursing puppies

What do you do if the mother can not feed the puppy? Whether by death, mother’s bad behavior, or neglect. What should you do? You’re the one responsible for that puppy, and you must take charge of her diet.

How to feed nursing puppies

You may certainly thinking of giving her regular milk, but this is not very successful, since cow’s milk lacks the nutrients that the little puppy needs for normal diet for nursing puppy’s growth. A substitute can be:

• Common liquid milk: 800 ml
• Egg yolk (single): 2 (two)
• Cream: 200 gr.
• Honey: 2 tbsp


All dietary ingredients you mix at the cold and keep in the refrigerator in a clean container (ready for use when needed), fill the bottle with only the necessary and return the rest to cool. Do not forget that before giving the puppy you double boiler to warm to 38 °C.

How often should you give?

The puppy should take it every 2 to 3 hrs (At least 8 times a day). Always giving it in a bottle for infants or if necessary in a small dropper bottle directly into the mouth.

Approximately 10% of body weight every 24 hours of the puppy. For example if the puppy weighs 1 kg, 10% of its weight is 100 gr. Then you should take daily 100 ml of diet, divided into several doses, you know every 2 to 3 hrs.

It’s always good to take her to specialists, to ensure that the development of your puppy is on track. And remember, good food makes happy puppy.