How to treat nasal congestion dog?

Treat nasal congestion dog can be done very easily, especially since there is no gravity in this disease if treated at the outset.

Dog Treatment

To treat nasal congestion dog must already know the causes which are so different from each other. In addition, running to the vet is not an obligation; it depends on the animal’s symptoms. However, if the first aid treatments are not enough, the visit to the vet will be needed to prevent this down into the bronchi.

Nasal congestion

  • To treat nasal congestion dog effectively, you must know what it is exactly. Thus, it can come from simply a stream of air, allergy to pollens, grasses or other.

  • Nasal congestion occurs in a dog the same way as a man, with sneezing, runny nose and sometimes the eyes, difficulty breathing. It is therefore necessary to treat nasal congestion dog before he gets worse.


  • Once the origin of this pathology known, it is not very difficult to treat nasal congestion dog. As much as it may seem a little ridiculous, the master can apply the essential oil of thyme on his dog all day, and he could breathe relieve nasal passages.
  • In addition, an effective solution to treat nasal congestion dog is to limit his time walking where it may be even colder than it already has and ventilate the room in which he sleeps. This will allow fresh air to prevent the buildup of dust or other allergic factor. A humidifier can serve him, especially since it can moisten as desired.
  • Treat nasal congestion dog is also treated his eyes and mouth, with a tendency to drool, he can not breathe through the nostrils. Thus, by washing his eyes wide and contour, as well as the mouth, it will eliminate all the germs instead of letting them stagnate.
  • Finally, if despite all these precautions, there is no change, there may have to remember to take him to a vet who may prescribe antibiotics needed to cure. Nasal congestion a dog does not occur so trivial. There is always a cause and effect, which can lead to respiratory problems at his bronchi or lungs.