Stimulating the cat’s appetite

cat's appetite

When eating cats have proven to be very demanding and more when their owners tend to pamper and provide delicious meals, in many cases, the cat suffers from lack of appetite, which makes the cat lose weight; this is already an indicator that something is going wrong.

The reasons may be diverse, such as mild stomach discomfort, dental caries, kidney disease and digestive problems. Should immediately review your cat specialist. The pet may have picked up an infection or a parasite. It is very normal for a cat does not eat for a day or two. But continued without food for several days or a week, you should go to the vet.

The vet may be able to diagnose the condition and, in many cases it may be an easy condition to treat. As to the cat then go back to eating normally.

Here are some strategies to help overcome the loss of appetite in cats.

Vitamin B

One of the best appetite stimulants for cats is the use of vitamin B. You can crush a vitamin tablet in your cat’s food. Cats are attracted to food by smell. Vitamin B helps stimulate your sense of smell is connected to the cat’s appetite. The cat began to eat the dish.


A natural appetite stimulant for cats, this catnip is an appetite stimulant for cats has proven very useful in increasing the desire to eat. Add a little of this plant to stimulate the pheromone receptors of the cat. These plant extracts are available in many pet stores.

Hot Food

You can heat the dry cat food or canned in your microwave for a few seconds. This will help release the aroma of food and attract the cat to eat a little. In addition, cats are predators and prey eaten hot, freshly killed. Hot food stimulates the natural instinct to kill and take the cat to eat.

Tuna or sardines

Cats love this fish. The strong smell of tuna will certainly make your cat eat also contains many nutrients essential for this pet stay healthy.