The world’s biggest cat is half lion, half tiger

Half-lion, half tiger, it’s a Liger (no joke) and is the largest cat in the world. A reserve of wildlife in USA unveils the world’s Ligron (baby liger) 4 weeks, alongside his older brother age 8 years, Hercules.


Aries baby liger and his big brother Hercules

The liger is a crossbreed between a male lion and a female tiger. Aries, the newcomer will take about 0.45 kg per day and weigh nearly 165 kg in his first birthday. His older brother is a liger Hercules from 183 cm to 406 kg! Imagine this charming feline frolic in your living room…

How did the Liger?
Usually tigers and lions do not breed together, and see a male lion mating with a female tiger has only happened 3 times.

The advantage of the liger is that he inherits his father’s lion sociality. He loves the interaction with others, he likes to touch, play…

The liger is the “biggest cat” that we can find, the opposite combination, a male tiger with female lion does not give the same result. The Tigon is its name, and exists in China.

Another surprising thing about the liger is a cat that loves water! He inherited it from her mother tiger.